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Hoist and Crane Manufacturers

We are one of the leading crane manufacturers in crane handling service, with professional crane design and fabrication technician, we have ability to supply you with various types of crane like hoist crane, jib crane, overhead gantry crane, bridge crane, etc. Because of the best quality and most reasonable price, TICO cranes has attracted a large number of collaborators.

If you are interested in our hoist and cranes, please feel free to contact us, we will offer the most professional hoist crane design and fabrication service for you!

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Lift your hoist and cranes business with the most advanced technology and complete service system.

Service Network

TICO service network has spread 32 cities in China and more than 130 foreign countries around the world, create a file for each customer, combining the traditional door-to-door service with online service.

Service Promise

Service engineers on call for 24 hours, respond customer demand within two hours, and arrive at the scene within 3 days to deal with the failure.

Warehouse Spread

Worldwide parts warehouses, which consist of headquarters warehouse, regional central warehouse, provincial warehouse, and municipal warehouse, fully guarantee customers demand for accessories.

6S Center

We have built 15 6S centers and will continue to expand the coverage of 6S centers around the world, guaranteeing the highest quality service for every customer.

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