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What is Wind Power Maintenance Crane

Wind power is to help human reduce the carbon dioxide emissions, and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. If we want to make better use of wind power, wind power unit is the foundation. Generally, Large towering wind turbines are towering, its key parts breakdown maintenance like wind turbine maintenance is devilishly hard to realize. Air leakage of the generator, and damaged the growth of box can make the work efficiency of wind turbines fall even cannot work normally.

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Currently, all the components are installed at the top of the wind turbines rely on large movable crane, the crane is also responsible for these parts at the same time of maintenance services. These large crane transportation to the site is difficult. The assembly cycle is long workload is big, the lease is also quite expensive. The top of the wind turbines is 70 m ~ 105 m from the ground, the high wind speed is larger, the crane is easily affected by wind speed, often appear and can't work normally because of high winds.

The wind turbine crane we produced can be instead of the large crane hoisting work for wind turbines. This special crane adopts self-climbing type hydraulic hoisting system to replace the past expensive wind turbine maintenance, device--large-scale crawler crane. Its self-climbing hydraulic platform is connected to the tower cantilever harmlessly by multi-touch, which, matched with safety monitoring protecting system, could realize the interlock between the hydraulic and mechanical mechanism. The design of the crane has reached the domestic advanced level successfully. Main features: automatic climbing, electric hydraulic drive, flexible operation, quick maintenance, and reliable performance.

wind power maintenance crane for Wind Turbine Maintenance

Wind Power Maintenance Crane Technician

  • This kind of special crane adopts guide wheel to climb. The roller is made of wear resistant rubber. Roller rolling along the tower drum surface, and not scratch the tower drum surface. Don't damage the tower drum coating, shape, strength and service life.
  • The finite element analysis was carried out on the key structure in the design, precise calculation of the stress and deformation, high strength and low weight of the structure is achieved.
  • Claws design adopts hydraulic cylinder movable arm, claws and contact surface design tower drum pressure feedback device, there will be no looseness, slippage, clamping is not tight, and so on and so forth; While paw inside high friction coefficient hard rubber material, not the tower drum including surface coating, shape, strength, service life, such as damage, through the pressure feedback device control hydraulic system, make the claws and tower drum interface won't produce too much stress, would not damage the tower drum or produce plastic deformation.
  • Lifting device adopts auto crane jib type, mature technology and reliable.
  • Hydraulic system has a complete beforehand alarm, stop working overload. At the same time also has a memory function overload and fault self-diagnosis function.
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