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CD1 MD1 Type Electric Hoist

CD1 MD1 Wire rope electric hoist

Model CD1, MD1 Wirerope Electric Hoist is a small-sized lifting equipment, which can be mounted on single beam, bridge, gantry and Jib cranes. With slight modification, it can also be used as a winch. It is widely used in factories, mines, harbors, warehouses, cargo storage areas and shops, essential in raising working efficiency and improving working conditions.

Model CD1 Electric Hoist has only one normal speed, which can satisfy normal application. Model MD1 Electric Hoist provides two speeds: normal speed and low speed. At a low speed, it can do precise loading and unloading, mounding of sand box, maintenance of machine tools, etc. Thus Model MD1 Electric Hoists is more widely used than Model CD1.

To meet the needs of lifting heavier cargo, our factory also manufactures HC16t, HC20t, HC32t, SHC40t, SHC50t, SHC63t Electric hoists.

Other types:
Model CD1/MD1 0.25-5t (H=6-9m)
Model CD1/MD1 Stationary
Model CD1/MD1 10t (H=9-30m)
Model CD1/MD1 Stationary 10t (H=9-30m)
Model CD1/MD1 16t(H=9-30m)
Model CD1/MD1 Stationary 16t (H=9-30m)

CD1 MD1 Type electric hoist drawing

YHⅡ Metallurgy Electric Hoist

YHⅡ Metallurgy Electric Hoist

Brief introduction:

  • Metallurgical electric hoist mainly used for lifting molten metal.
  • Lifting capacity ≤10t, lifting height≤20m, work environment temperature -20~60℃
  • With double brakes, double limits, thermal baffle felt etc. Many kinds of protections.

Other types:
Model YHⅡ 10t (H=9-20m)
Model YHⅡ Stationary 10t (H=9-20m)

YHⅡ Metallurgy electric hoist drawing

HB Model Explore-proof Steel Wire Rope Electric Hoist

Explosion proof electric hoist

Brief introduction:

  • The mechanical structure for Series of HB Explosion-proof electric hoists is same with common CD, HC electric hoists.
  • For each of the Explosion-proof sign is ExdllBT4, ExdllCT4, DIPA21TA, and ExdⅠMb.
  • Working class M3; work environment temperature -20~40℃.

Other types:
Model HB 0. 5-5t (H=12-30m)
Model HB Stationary 0. 5-5t (H=12-30m)
Model HB 10t (H=9-30m)
Model HB Stationary 10t (H=9-30m)
Model HB 16t (H=9-30m)
Model HB Stationary 16t (H=9-30m)
Model HB 16t (H=12-48m)
Model HB Stationary 16t (H=12-48m)
Model HBⅡ 16t (H=9-36m)
Model HBⅡ Stationary 16t (H=9-36m)
Model HBⅡ 20t (H=9-30m)
Model HBⅡ Stationary 20t (H=9-30m)
Model HB 32t (H=9-24m)
Model HB Stationary 32t (H=9-24m)

HB Model Eexplosion Proof steel wire rope electric hoist

NH Electric Low Headroom Hoist

NH low clearance room electric hoist

NH type electric hoist breaks the traditional CD hoist design thinking. With modular design scheme as the theme, the lifting mechanism use planetary fear to adjust speed. The compact structure makes an easy installation for the drum and it is valid within the narrow electric hoist appearance size. The outer square box type structure changes the hoist appearance and makes the product can be applied to variety installation form, it improves the while product performance and give full consideration to provide clients with cheap and fine products.

NH low clearance room electric hoist drawing

ND Model Steel Wire Rope Electric Hoist

ND type electric hoist

Brief introduction:

  • The design of ND electric hoists according to the FEM standard with advanced concept and good looking appearance.
  • Application of 13 patents reached the international advanced level.
  • Compact structure, low noise, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Other types:
Double Girder Trolley Electric Hoist
Double Girder Trolley Electric Hoist With Main And Auxiliary Hook

Low headroom hoist

NL Type Chain Electric Hoist

NL chain hoist

The design and manufacture of NL chain hoist conforms to the FEM standard and DIN standard. It combines the 3D object modeling and the finite element analysis technique to further optimize the gear transmission, box structure and the dimension of every spare part. In this way, every single component could achieve optimal value.

NL chain hoist adopts Germany technology and all key components are imported with original packaging, such as energy-efficient motors, safety brake, load protection clutch and high-strength wear-resisting chain. The excellent quality makes it match the similar advanced European products. Regarding quality and performance, it always persists in satisfying the clients’ every single requirement uncompromisingly.

Other types:
The Hang Handle Type
The Hang Hook Type

NL Type Chain Electric Hoist

We also have the ability to manufacture custom electric hoist for you, please contact us if special requirements needed.

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