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Grab ship unloader, with the advantages of fast speed and high efficiency, is generally used in material handing in medium-size and small port load ship or coal loading in electrical port ship. Grab ship unloader can run on the rail, and leave enough height for the wagon to go through under the gantry. The grab bucket grasps the coal and load in taper hopper, The raw material is sent to the belt conveyor at the dock through the discharging port of the hopper, and then sent to the yard. The front beam of grab ship unloader can be designed according to customer’s requirement to deal with the movement.

The design, fabrication, and inspection of the grab ship unloader shall accordance with the foreign advanced standard and latest national standard like DIN、FEM、IEC、AWS, etc. TICO grab unloader is suitable for the bulk cargo ship with the capacity from 3,000t to 250,000t and unloading bulk materials like ore and coal from the ship in bulk cargo terminal. Grab ship unloader with production capacity from 500t/h to 3000t/h has the performances of advanced technology, reliability, stability, efficiency, long service time, easy maintenance. It can meet with the requirements of max. transportation volume, high efficiency and frequent operation. The noise and dust pollution produced during operation conform to national environment protection standard four-drum pull type grab unloader designed and fabricated by TICO prevail in market.

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Technical parameters for grab ship unloader

Rated Capacity 600t/h 1500t/h 2250t/h
Material coal coal ore
Grab Lifting Capacity(t) 16 40 55
Lifting Height(m) Above rail 17 Above rail 25 Above rail 24
Below rail 13 Below rail 18 Below rail 25
Outreach(m) 21.5 32 43
Backreach(m) 12 14 23
Rail span(m) 16 18 28
Grab speed(m/min) Open 104 160 210
Close 104 130 150
Hoist 80 130 150
down 120 160 210
Trolley Traveling Speed 120 200 240
Gantry Traveling Speed 25 20 20
Cabin Traveling Speed 25 25 25
≤Boom Hoisting Time, One way 6 26 6
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