How many types does gantry crane have?

The gantry crane is a bridge type crane with the shape of a portal frame set on two legs. This kind of crane operates on the ground track, mainly used in the open storage yard, dock, power station, port and railway freight station to carry out and install.

gantry crane types

The lifting mechanism of the gantry crane, the running mechanism of the trolley and the structure of the bridge are basically the same as the bridge type cranes.Because of the large span, the crane operating mechanism mostly adopts separate driving mode to prevent the crane from skew operation and increase the resistance, even accident.The lifting trolley of the gantry crane runs on the bridge, and some of the hoisting trolley is an arm frame crane.The legs on both sides of the bridge are generally rigid legs; over a span of 30 meters, is often on one side of the rigid leg, while the other side is connected by ball joints and Bridge flexible legs, so that the door frame become static system,this can avoid under external load due to the lateral thrust caused by the additional stress, also can compensate the bridge longitudinal temperature deformation of gantry crane wind area, in order to prevent the slide in under strong wind or tipping, a wind instrument and interlocked with the running mechanism of crane rail clamp.The bridge can be either cantilever or cantilever at one end or both ends to extend the operating range. At one end of a half gantry crane, there is a leg at one end and no leg at the other end. It runs directly on a high stand.

General gantry crane

This kind of crane is the most widely used, and can carry all kinds of parts and scattered materials.The weight is below 100 tons, and the span is 4~35 meters. The general gantry crane with a grab has a higher working level.

Gantry crane for hydropower station

It is mainly used to lift and open and close the gate, and can also be installed. The lifting weight is 80~500 tons, the span is smaller, 8~16 meters, and the lifting speed is lower, which is 1~5 meters per cent.Although this kind of crane is not often hoisted, it is very heavy once the work is used, so it is necessary to improve the work level properly.

Shipbuilding gantry crane

Ship to berth assembly, standing two lifting trolley: one of two main hook, running on the bridge on the flange of the orbit. But once the work is very heavy, it is necessary to improve the level of work.

Container Gantry crane

This crane is used in container terminals. Trailer bridge to quay container carrying containers unloaded from the ship to the yard or rear, away from the gantry container crane stacking up or direct loading, can speed up the bridge or other crane container carrying the turnover. A stack of containers with high 3~4 layers and 6 rows of wide rows can be stacked in general use of tyre type and rail type. In order to meet the transport needs of port wharves, this kind of crane has a higher working level. The lifting speed is 35~52 M / min;The span is decided by the number of container rows spanning the need.

The maximum is about 60 meters. The container loading capacity of the single box operation is about 40.5 tons, respectively. The double 20 foot box has two specifications of the 61 tons and 65 tons of the operation.

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