jib crane

What is jib crane?

Jib cranes are light intensity, consisted of column, pivot arm, rotary drive unit and electric hoist, lower end of the column is anchored by concrete foundation, driven by the boom rotation cycloid reduction gear, electric hoist runs a straight line and lifts heavy objects on cantilever beam. With hollow steel structure, so they are all with light weight, large span, great lifting capacity, economical and durable features. Jib crane are built-in running gear, which with special engineering plastics go round with rolling bearings, and its small friction to ensure brisk walking; small structural dimensions to increase hook paths.

Mobile jib crane

mobile jib crane design

Rated load of mobile jib crane are 0.25t, 0.5t, 1t, 2t, 3t, 5t, customers can choose the type of jib crane according to the usage. There are two operation ways for our mobile jib crane: electric rotation and manual rotation, the rotation angle of rotating arm needs to be selected according to the use of premises: 180 °, 270 °, 345 °, 360 °angles. Regarding its great adaptable, customer can save procurement investment, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. Most important, we have a professional engineer team to guide the user to work before and after jib crane installation to ensure that users are familiar with the operation and maintenance of our jib crane. Professional service, beautiful appearance, reliable quality, and high safety performance make us will be your ideal jib crane manufacturers.

  • Load Capacity: 0.25t, 0.5t, 1t, 2t, 3t, 5t
  • Rotation Angle: 180 °, 270 °, 345 °, 360 °
  • Control: electric rotation and manual rotation.

Mobile Jib Crane Advantages

  • Safety and reliable. Since jib crane is light weight crane, it is easy to run the trolley, you can easily implement a manual or electric movement, to delivery the workpiece faster and more reliable.
  • Cost-effective. No matter where it serves, our jib crane can serve each of device simply and reliably , rotation range within 360°, lower cost.
  • Reasonable installation size and light weight. TICO jib crane enables you to transport material to a specific area quickly and reliably, as well as accurate positioning of the various components.

Floor mounted jib crane

Floor mounted jib crane fabrication

As a new generation of light lifting crane for modern production, floor mounted jib crane is a new structure jib crane, which is reasonable, simple and easy to operate, flexible rotation, large work space, etc. It is a energy efficient material lifting equipment that is widely used in factories, workshops production lines, assembly lines, machine tools, warehouses, docks and other occasions for heavy lifting.

Floor mounted jib crane consists of standing column, rotary device, arm and electric hoist and other components such as electrical systems, ladders and maintenance platforms. Lower end of the column is fixed on concrete foundation, arm rotation can be up to user’s needs. Turning can be manual or electric rotary swing. Electric chain hoist is mounted on the arm track for lifting heavy objects.

With the high reliability JPKK type electric chain hoist, floor mounted jib crane is particularly suitable for the situation that is short distances, frequently using, intensive lifting operations. Our floor mounted jib crane are high efficiency, energy saving, small footprint, easy operation and maintenance, etc. Chain electric hoist has the function of lifting and running on the beam, The rotary arm beam can drive the roller to rotate through the speed reducer on the rotary device, and electrical control box also be mounted on the chain hoist.

  • Application: heavy lifting in factories, workshops production lines, assembly lines, machine tools, warehouses, docks.
  • Control: manual rotation or electric rotation

Wall mounted jib crane

Wall mounted jib crane manufacturers

Wall mounted jib crane is composed by support, cantilever equipment and electric chain hoist. Cantilever is fixed on the wall or cement column and it can rotate according to user’s requirement. The rotation of rotation parts can be divided into manual control and motor driven. Electric chain hoist is installed on cantilever rail, used for heavy item lifting.

Structure and operation of wall mounted jib crane

The crane composed by cantilever, slewing device and electric chain hoist. Electric chain hoist make reciprocating motion on the beam, the cantilever beam can drive the roller to rotate through the speed reducer on the rotary device. The operation of jib crane is realized by power buttons. There are eight buttons of switch door, they respectively control speedy rising, speedy decline, slowly rising, slowly decline, rotation, go back and forth of electric chain hoist.

  • Control: manual control or electric control
  • Main structure: cantilever, slewing device and electric chain hoist
  • Operation Control: power button

Wall traveling jib crane(box girder)

Wall traveling jib crane for sale

This kind of jib crane is a new type material lifting equipment on basis of arm type jib crane. It walk on the wall by the rail which lay out on the workshop wall. It can take full advantage of the space structure of workshop. Saved the workplace space, work detly. There are two types for the main beam of wall type single girder jib crane:box girders, and truss girder. As for single girder, there are two types: fixed cantilever and rotation cantilever, orbit size can be designed according to user’s requirement.

  • Main Girder Type: box girders, and truss girder
  • Advantages: save workplace space, work deftly
  • Cantilever Types: fixed cantilever and rotate cantilever
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