Where to Buy Floor Mounted Jib Crane Hoist with Lowest Prices?

lowest price floor mounted jib crane for sale As its name indicates, the floor mounted jib crane is installed on the floor, won't put pressure on the building's roof structure, adopts modular design structure, it can be easily expanded with the expansion of the center of the work unit.

TICO floor mounted jib crane hoist can complete the most difficult task of overhead lifting, bear the frequent overhead material delivery, and provide a good working coverage in the round working area. The use of floor mounted jib crane greatly shorten the time of loading and auxiliary, reduce the unnecessary waiting time. What’s more, TICO floor mounted jib crane hoist has various of specifications and all types. No matter what kind of requirements you have for the lifting weight, the angle of the swing arm and the length of the arm, we can provide you with the best solution, as well as the double floor mounted jib crane is available.

TICO excellent floor mounted jib crane hoist features

Special design: box type support frame design

The supporting frame assembly can be pre installed on the jib assembly through this design, effectively reduced the requirements of the installation space, and greatly enhanced the hoist head.

Compared with the traditional casing type structure of floor mounted jib crane, box type bracket structure can increase the stability of the jib crane operation, reduce the jib deflection of crane and fibrillation of load, create a more secure operating environment, reduce the damage rate of workpiece.

floor mounted jib crane hoist design drawing
floor mounted jib crane hoist design drawing 1

Easy to operate

  • Convenient operators to accurately position load, easy and efficient;
  • The top shaft is configured with precision taper roller bearings and roller assembly, the service life is longer, providing protection for the smooth operation;
  • The maximum limit of the triangular support angle plate of the bottom plate reduces the deflection of the crane, making it easier to operate when it is precisely positioned.

Easy to install

  • The independent supporting frame component is installed separately, which is separated from the jib of crane during the installation process. The installation is simple and easy to install;
  • Embedded bearing components greatly reduce the additional clearance required by installation;
  • The bolt fastening of the supporting frame assembly and the swing arm enables the installation work to be carried out separately, can install the jib of crane closely to the roof of the plant or under the top of the barrier, reducing the maximum occupancy of the space and increase the hoist head as far as possible.
  • The stop device of our floor mounted jib crane trolley is fastened by bolt, and the installation position can be changed according to the application.
  • Top mounted fully sealed bottom inlet collector assembly, can be installed in advance or after the installation.
  • The application environment that meets the 360° rotation adopts hoist power supply.


The top positioning bolt can effectively prevent the supporting frame component from accidentally moving upward.
floor mounted jib crane hoist crane prices

Full set of load application

For pre design of the power hoist, 15% of the rated lifting weight of the floor mounted jib crane is considered as the total weight of hoist, hoist trolley and hook, 25% of the rated load of floor mounted jib crane is considered as the impact load.

TICO can also provide our customers various of fixed load floor mounted jib crane for according to different applications. At present, our floor mounted jib crane is made of steel, the lifting capacity can up to 5 t, length of the jib up to 6 m, and it can realize the rotation operation of 360°. Best design and lowest prices.

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