Crane Industries Market Cut a Striking Figure, the Future Development Trend Will be Gratifying

From the growth of the lifting machinery industry, China has achieved an increase in output value and export volume in the lifting industry, companies are also planning policies. Domestic high-speed growth must be supported by the economy, the high-end products industry has gradually highlighted its advantages.

With the rapid development of China's economy, transport aircraft in industrial production has made great progress. At present, our country lifting machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises are as high as more than 3,500, 1898 companies of which have got installation and demolition permits, they have more advanced manufacturing capacity. During the period of 12th Five-Year, the gross industrial product of mechanical products and sales revenue, respectively, increased by 30%, but the overall product is still a large gap with foreign countries.

From 2010 to 2013, the macroeconomic environment has been tightened, but the supply capacity has increased by nearly two times. On the one hand, mainstream companies have to deal with a variety of competitive pressures, but also to seize the structural changes in the region, achieving the second international take-off in the strategic layout, quickly seize the super large tonnage to the high point in the product and technology layout.
crane industries development trend in china

Future development trend

At present, the lifting machinery is in the rapid development of the market, with a greater market development potential. With the rapid development of modern construction, the requirements of the lifting machinery are also getting higher and higher, and the development of hoisting machinery is trending to large scale, automation and specialization.


The rapid development of hoisting machinery industry has greatly promoted the application of automation products in the industry. Many experts agree that the industry of heavy machinery, automation products in the application potential of heavy machinery is very huge, the prospect is also very broad. Whether it is the trend that the city develops to more mature and modern, or under the economic crisis, stimulating investment of the country in the infrastructure construction of, are showing the boom of the crane. From control to transmission, the application of automation products in this industry is increasingly accumulated. From the existing scale, future growth potential and the current growth rate, lifting machinery industry has gradually become the important market of enterprise automation.


With the national power, petrochemical, steel, transportation and other infrastructure to enter the climax, domestic crane market has expanded rapidly, the large scale of crane has become an irreversible trend. In order to reduce the production cost, save manpower and material resources, the demand for large cranes is gradually expanding, and the requirement of the crane is more and more large. As an important part of the automation production process, the operation is simple, high security, easy maintenance is the basic requirements of the crane. In addition, the high cost of lifting machinery will have more markets in the future. Thus, various of cranes, like special crane for nuclear power, paper making, garbage disposal, etc. to meet different application requirements have been developed and put into use. The special performance of the crane can also meet a wide variety of working environment, such as explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, insulation crane, etc. The performance of traditional special crane for railway and shipbuilding is also increasing, and the adaptability to the environment is also increasing.

We can imagine, with the construction of cities and towns around gradually expand and accelerate the development, including many construction projects in railway transportation, construction, energy and water and so on, and to the development of China crane industry provides a more broad prospects for development. In the face of the development of good momentum of China's heavy machinery industry, , we should pay attention to the mechanical technology, Study and put forward the countermeasures for the sustainable development of lifting machinery and equipment. Although Chinese has entered the high-end crane industry, but should establish and strengthen awareness of intellectual property and foster awareness of independent innovation, establish their own brand, promote the strategic development, leading the development of innovation, to make their talents and realize the long-term development of the industry.

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