Detailed Introduction of Double Beam Grab Bridge Crane

Double beam grab bridge crane is composed of a box type bridge, running bridge mechanism, trolley, grab and the electric control device. The running bridge adopts safety sliding contact wire to conduct electricity, the trolley adopts electric cable to conduct electricity, each mechanism can be configured with resistance speed control system. The crane operation adopts cam control, configured with driver cab, inside the driver cab is arranged insulation rubber and door switch, each transmission part is provided with a protective cover, each rail door also sets the safety switch, the end of distance is set with backstop. Slip line is provided with a hook frame, mobile with the bridge, which is more convenient to control the position do goods. Double beam grab bridge crane belongs to heavy duty system, the lifting weight includes deadweight of grab.

double beam grab bridge crane

This series of crane can be equipped with sugarcane grab, garbage grab, timber grab and other kinds of grabs according to the actual needs. The grab is divided into: single rope grab, double rope grab, electric grab, etc. The grab can be opened and closed at any level, when the material block degree is below 100mm, the effect is good, the productivity is high. When the block degree of grasping material is greater than 200mm, it should be used with teeth grab. The grab is only suitable for granular materials in the natural accumulation state, when grabbing an underwater material or special material , it is required to male a special description in the order. When it used outdoors, the double beam grab bridge crane should be set with rain facilities.

Application range of double beam grab bridge crane

Double beam grab bridge crane is suitable for metallurgy, cement, chemical industry and other enterprises of the warehouse and workshop, bulk materials handling work in the indoor or outdoor fixed span in limestone, slag, slag, coke, coal, sand, ore and so on. The two rope grab is mainly supporting the use of bridge cranes, port machinery, car hinge.  Double beam grab bridge crane is widely used in ports, power plants, docks, chemical, grab all kinds of loose accumulation, such as loading and unloading, light reactor, and other feeding operation for ore, coal, slag, etc.

Performance characteristics of double beam grab bridge crane

  • The main beam is made of high quality Q345 or Q235 steel plate, strong stiffness;
  • The structure has good detachability, operation, maintenance and repair is convenient;
  • Ultra low failure rate, advanced technology guarantee;
  • Gear reducer with helical gears, can be done automatically lubrication;
  • The work level is high, can satisfy the heavy close work demand of customer;
  • Operating speed can be configured variable frequency control, so that the goods more secure and more accurate movement and landing.

Introduction of double beam grab bridge crane mechanism

Lifting mechanism of double beam grab bridge crane

grab of double beam grab bridge crane

The motor is the special YZR type winding motor for crane, rated voltage is 380V, rated frequency is 50Hz, insulation class is F. Brake is a constant pressure hydraulic push rod type, when the mechanism does not work, the brake is closed, when the mechanism works, the brake is opened by the brake device. Reel adopts casting reel, wire rope angle is smaller than 3.5°, two ends of the drum are provided with 3 rings and 2 ring fixed rings. The head drum shaft is provided with a rotating lifting limit switch, to ensure safe use.

Metal structure of double beam grab bridge crane

The structure beam is box structure, with good rigidity (full load of vertical deflection is not more than S/800) and strength, the full load vibration frequency of main beam is greater than or equal to 2Hz. The running bridge mechanism is respectively driven, electrical equipment installed on the walkway of bridge frame. The bridge frame is composed of box beam, its full load deflection is less than Lk/2000, which fully guarantees the stable operation of the upper body. The structure beam has the upper arch degree, upper arch degree within the span should be controlled in the (1/1000 ~ 1.4/1000) S, maximum upper arch degree is controlled in the range of S/10 within the span.

Order Notice:

  • Before ordering the crane the following main parameters should be determined: lifting capacity, span, lifting height, working grade, type of operation cab, door opening direction, type of grab.
  • When used outdoors, with rain facilities, should be specified in the contract, the weight of the crane and the wheel pressure is increased by about 5%.
  • There are two types for the direction of grab when opening and closing, type I is that the direction of opening and closing is same as the running direction of running bridge, type II is that the direction of opening and closing is same as the running direction of trolley. Special note is required if choosing the type II.
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