There are Multiple Types of Cranes, How Many Types do You Know?

how many types of cranes do you know

Crane is a multi action lifting equipment, which can vertically lift and horizontally transport the object within limits. A crane belongs to a kind of lifting equipment, a equipment that can realize circulating and intermittent movement. A work cycle of crane includes: the fetching device lift object from fetching place, then horizontally move to the destination to lower the object, finally, reverse motion so that the fetching device returns to the original place for the next cycle.

How to classify various types of cranes?

In accordance with the structure and performance, cranes can be divided into various of types: portable light crane, overhead crane, boom crane, and cable crane. Light crane includes jack, pneumatic hoist, electric hoist, balance hoist (also known as the balance crane) , winch etc. Types of overhead crane includes girder crane, gantry crane, etc. Types of boom crane includes fixed crane, tower crane, truck crane, tire crane, crawler crane, etc.

There are severe most common types of cranes: light crane, single girder overhead crane, double girder overhead crane, jib crane, gantry crane. In the flowing article, I will give you a detailed introduction for these types of cranes.

Types of light cranes

Light crane is characterized as lightweight, compact structure, simple operation lifting equipment. Generally, there is only one lifting mechanism, so that it can only make a single up-and-down movement. The lifting equipment belonging to this kind of light crane includes: lifting jack, electric (manual, pneumatic) hoist, winch, and so on.

electric hoist

Electric hoist

Electric hoist is often equipped with a running trolley and metal frame to expand the scope of operation. It has the advantages of compact structure, lightweight, safety and reliable, generality of parts, strong interchangeability, higher lifting capacity, convenient maintenance. The electric hoist is one of the most popular light crane with wide range of applications.

There are so many types of overhead cranes

Bridge crane is a overhead crane whose bridge frame is running on the elevated track. Bridge crane can enable object hanging on hooks or other fetching device to realize vertical lifting and horizontal movement in the space, it can be used in and above the rectangular space, more for the workshop, warehouse, open storage yard, etc. According to the structure, types of bridge crane can also be divided into under slung crane, top running crane, single girder overhead crane, and double girder overhead crane.

A under slung crane is a bridge crane whose bridge frame operates along the crane track on the crane girder. On the contrary, the bridge frame of top running crane in hung on the crane girder fixed on the roof truss of the plant and then runs along it.

under slung crane
top running crane
Under Slung Crane
Top Running Crane

Single girder overhead crane

Single girder overhead crane can be manual controlled or electric controlled.  Manual single girder overhead crane is characterized as low working speed, small lifting capacity, light weight, low cost, and it is convenient to operation, so that manual single girder overhead crane is suitable for the occasion where with no electric supplying, small volume, and lower requirements of speed and productivity. Compared with manual single girder overhead crane, working speed and productivity of electric single girder overhead crane is higher, and the lifting capacity is larger.

Double girder overhead crane

Double girder overhead crane is composed of straight rail, crane girder, lifting trolley, power supply system and electrical control system, which is especially suitable for large scale suspension and large lifting weight. bearing capacity of double girder overhead crane is strong, span is big, the overall stability is good, more variety, but compared to single girder overhead crane whose lifting capacity is as same as double girder overhead crane, the weight of double girder crane is larger, and the construction cost is also higher.

single girder crane
double girder crane
Single Girder Crane
Double Girder Crane

Classification for Types of gantry cranes

Types of gantry cranes is generally based on the door frame structure, beam form, and sling form. Generally used in port.

Classify types of gantry cranes according to the gantry structure:

Full gantry crane: There is no suspension of the main girder, the trolley runs in the main span.

Semi gantry crane: The leg of crane has a height difference, which can be demand based on the civil engineering requirements of the use site.

Cantilever gantry crane: A gantry crane whose structure is most common, the force structure and the effective use of site area are reasonable.

full gantry crane
semi gantry crane
cantilever gantry crane
Full Gantry Crane
Semi Gantry Crane
Cantilever Gantry Crane

What about types of Jib crane?

Types of jib crane can be divided into pillar jib crane, wall jib crane, articulated jib crane.

Pillar jib crane

Pillar jib crane is a jib crane composed of column and cantilever, which can be rotated around the fixed column fixed on the base, or is rigidly connected with rotary column, rotating around vertical center line in the base support. It is suitable for the occasions where the weight is small and the operation service is round or sector. Generally used for machine tools, such as clamping and handling of the workpiece.

Wall jib crane

Wall jib crane is a jib crane fixed on the wall, or can run along the elevated truck of wall or other supporting structure. The use occasion of wall crane is workshop or warehouse with larger span and higher building height, it is most suitable when the lifting operation was frequent near the wall.

Calculated jib crane

Calculated jib crane has the advantages of innovative structure, flexible operation, high efficiency and energy saving. Calculated jib crane is suitable for production or maintenance occasions in machinery manufacturing, railway, chemical industry, light industry and other industrial, especially in the production line where has denser equipment, shorter transportation distance, more frequent operation, the calculated jib crane is a ideal choose to promote higher production efficiency.

pillar jib crane
wall jib crane
articulated jib crane
Pillar Jib Crane
Wall Jib Crane
Articulated Jib Crane
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