Single Girder Bridge Crane VS Double Girder Bridge Crane – Which Is Better?

Single girder bridge crane and double girder bridge crane are two forms of bridge crane, which has wide range of applications. Then what’s the differences between them? How to choose a suitable bridge crane for your particular application environment? Today, TICO will give you a detailed guidance on the choose of bridge crane.

Single girder bridge crane

Single girder bridge crane is widely used in machinery manufacture, power station, paper, building materials, plant, port, railway, civil aviation, and other industries like workshop, warehouse, material field, electronics, petroleum, metallurgical plant, etc. Because of the advantages of compact size, low headroom, light weight, small wheel pressure, single girder bridge crane is the most widely used lifting machinery with largest number.
single girder bridge crane

Single girder bridge crane features

single girder use hoists as the lifting mechanism
  • As there is only one girder on single girder bridge crane, so that it can make only one direction during operation.
  • Structure: lifting mechanism, single girder, end truck, electric control system. Low height, small volume, light weight, small wheel pressure.
  • Operation mode: cable operation, wireless remote control.
  • Advanced design concept, single girder bridge crane has outstanding distribution and performance, reduce the working distance of the lifting hook to the maximum extent, and effectively improve the space utilization, allowing customers to reduce the cost of investment in the plant.
  • The high performance braking system with dust proof device can be automatically adjusted, and the safe service life is more than 1,000,000 times.
  • Because the electric single girder bridge crane is equipped with a folding device, operation of the whole crane is very flexible and the transfer is very fast.
  • The whole single girder bridge crane is equipped with hydraulic transmission system, which makes it easier to operate, and the hoisting speed is fast.

Disadvantages of singe girder bridge crane

  • During mechanical lifting, it must to use a supporting leg, cannot operate through load.
  • When electric single girder makes a turn, the radius is big, and country performance is not reliable.
  • Because the box type boom is very large, restricting the weight of operation.

Double girder bridge crane

As one of the important tool and equipment to realize mechanization and automation in modern industrial production and transportation, double girder bridge crane is widely used in indoor or outdoor industrial and mining enterprises, iron and steel industry, rail transport, port terminals, logistics and other departments and places.
double girder bridge crane

Double girder bridge crane design features

Structure – double girder bridge crane has one more girder than single girder bridge crane, because of the double girder, it can provide larger capacity than other crane.

Lifting height – a trolley is set as the lifting mechanism of double girder bridge crane. The hook can be can be pulled up between the two girders, so that double bridge crane has a better lifting height within the limited space.

Adaptability – because of the flexibility configuration, double girder bridge crane is a ideal lifting solution to meet the special production and construction requirements, for the application like steel and iron, explosion place, isolated place, rte.

Lifting mechanism – different from lifting mechanism, that there are usually one or two hoists running on the single girder to lift and carry loads. However, there are two types of double girder bridge crane: QD type and LH type, the QD type single girder bridge crane adopts a winch, while the LH type single girder bridge crane adopts hoists as the lifting mechanism.

hoist trolley for double girder bridge crane
winch trolley for double girder bridge crane

Conclusion on how to choose between single girder bridge crane and double girder bridge crane?

In general, the weight below 50t, in the span of less than 35m, no special requirements are advised to use a single girder bridge crane. If the width of the door legs is large, the working speed is high, the double girder bridge crane is suitable to be used for lifting and transporting heavy parts and growing up.
double girder and single girder bridge crane comparisons

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