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Development status of wind power generation

As a kind of clean renewable energy resource, wind energy has attracted more and more attention all over the world, which has the huge potential. The global wind energy is about 2.74 * 10^9MW, among which the available wind energy is 2 * 10^7MW, which is 10 times larger than the total amount of water that can be developed and utilized on earth. Wind energy has been used for a long time, which is mainly used for water pumping and flour milling. Now, people are interested in how to use wind to generate electricity and how tall is a wind turbine tower?

Transform the wind energy into mechanical kinetic energy, then transform the mechanical kinetic energy into electric kinetic energy, this is wind power generation. The principle of wind power generation is that utilizing wind to drive the blades rotation of wind turbine, then increase the rotation speed through speed increaser. According to the present technology of wind turbine, it is the speed of three meters per minute that the wind turbine can start generating electric. The wind power generation is forming a boom in the world, because the wind power generation neither requires fuel, nor produce radiation and air pollution.

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What is wind turbine?

Device for wind power generation, called wind turbine. This wind turbine, in general, can be divided into wind turbines (including the tail rudder), generators and tower. Large wind power stations basically have no tail rudder, generally only small (including household type) will have a tail rudder.

Wind wheel is an important component that transform the wind kinetic energy into mechanical energy, which consists of two (or more) propeller shaped impeller. When the wind blows to blade, aerodynamic force produced on the paddle will drive the wind wheel to rotate. Material of paddle requires high strength and light weight, at present, most of then are made of glass fiber reinforced plastics or other composite material like carbon fiber.

Because the rotation speed of wind wheel is relatively low, and the wind force and rotation are constantly changing, causing the rotation speed is not stable. Therefore, before driving the generator, it is necessary to add a transmission gear box which can increase the rotation speed of generator to the rated speed, add a speed control mechanism to keep the speed stable, and then connected to the generator. In order to keep the wind turbine at the direction of the wind to obtain the maximum power, it is necessary to install a tail wane at the back of the wind wheel.

How tall is wind turbine tower?

The tower is the frame to support the wind wheel, tail wane and generator. It is generally built relatively high, in order to obtain a larger and more uniform wind, but also have sufficient strength. The height of tower is determined according to the influence of ground obstacles on wind speed, and diameter of wind wheel, generally in the range of 6~20m.

The function of generator is that transform the constant speed obtained form wind wheel to the generator through lifting speed, so that change the mechanical energy to electric energy.

Generally speaking, force-3 wind has the use value, But from a reasonable economic point of view, it is suitable for power generation when the wind speed is greater than 4 meters per second. According to the determination, a 55 kw wind turbine, when the wind is 9.5 meters per second, the unit output is 55 kw, when the wind speed is 8 meters per second, power is 38 kw, when the wind speed is 6 meters per second, the power is only 16 kw, when the wind speed is 5 meters per second, the power is only 9.5 kw. Thus, the greater the wind, the greater the economic benefits.

TICO wind turbine maintenance crane is cost effective

wind turbine maintenance craneWind power has so many advantages, thus wind turbine will be more and more popular for wind power generation all over the world. Without doubt, the popularity of wind power generation technology will also lead to increased costs, in particular the cost of late maintenance, which puts forward higher requirements to the maintenance technology. As the tower of large wind turbine is high, the traditional wind turbine maintenance crane has a vary tall jib and the cost is high and it is not convenient for various maintenance requirements, is there are some other maintenance crane which is more flexible and can replace the traditional wind turbine maintenance crane?

I will tell you “Yes!” TICO latest wind turbine maintenance crane is specially developed for the installation and maintenance of tall wind turbine. The self climbing type hydraulic lifting structure is adopted in our wind turbine maintenance crane, which is mainly used to replace the traditional large crawler crane for wind turbine maintenance with high cost. TICO wind turbine maintenance crane has the advantages of automatic climbing, electric hydraulic driven, flexible operation, rapid maintenance, stable performance, greatly reduced the cost of wind turbine maintenance, provides a new method for the maintenance of large scale wind turbine equipment.

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