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tico rtg container crane is your best choiceRTG container crane is a special machine for stacking operation of container cargo and large specialized container yard. It is not only applicable to the container terminal, but also suitable for the container yard. RTG container crane is composed of a door shaped bracket, power transmission system, hoisting mechanism, traveling mechanism, trolley running mechanism and telescopic spreader etc. Trolley with container spreader beam walks along the track for container handling and stacking operation. Walking mechanism of RTG container crane can make the crane walking in the yard, and can be done at a right angle of 90 degrees, transfer from one yard to another yard, realize flexible operation.

Driving Mode of RTG Container Crane

As for the driving mode, RTG container crane can be divided into diesel engine-electric mode and diesel engine-hydraulic mode.
The diesel engine-electric mode is that the diesel engine drives the DC generator, the DC generator drives the DC motor, and then drives the various mechanisms. In recent years, began to adopt the AC variable frequency speed regulation system, AC squirrel cage motor drive mode. Because the motor is simple, and it is easy to maintain, The diesel engine-electric mode is welcomed by users.

Diesel engine-hydraulic mode is that the diesel engine drives the hydraulic pressure, the hydraulic pump drives the hydraulic motor, and then drives the various mechanisms. The acceleration performance of this method is good, and the weight of the power device is relatively light. But the system is prone to oil leakage, repair and maintenance is more complex, use less.

Metal Structure of RTG Container Crane

Main beam

The main beam is the main force component of the crane, which adopts box structure. Trolley running tracks are laid on two main girders, there are two forms of laying location, one is laid in the center of the section of the main beam position, usually called the right track box beam; the other is laid on the top flange edge side webs, called the bias rail box girder layout.

Gantry leg structure

The gantry legs generally use the box section structure. The inner side of the door is generally flat, the space inside the leg is larger, it is conducive to the layout of the electric room and the power room. The two legs are generally connected with the connecting rod to ensure the size of the two main beam and increase the lateral rigidity.

rtg container crane drawing

Bottom beam structure

The bottom beam generally adopts uniform box structure, is connected with the running bridge with a pin, plate structure is connecting ear plate. In order to bear the lateral force, the anti shear block is added between the bottom beam and the wheel balance beam.

Track installation

Most of the tracks are installed in the form of track plate, the disassembly and assembly of the T shaped bolt is convenient. There are ] rubber inserts between some pressure plate and track, track and bottom plate, in order to reduce the impact on the structure of the main beam. Track adopts seamless joint, available weld joint or entire root. Some manufacturers use welded rail and beam directly, stiffness of this kind of form is better, and can participate in the force, maintenance free, but manufacturing requirements are high.

Trolley frame

Trolley frame is generally I-shaped beam structure, two sides are arranged aisle and the four angle are suspended platform, in order to carry on the maintenance of the pulley and other parts. Some trolley frame is laid with high foot platform, lifting rope through the platform, simple arrangement.

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