Do You Really Know about TICO Ship to Shore Container Crane?

ship to shore container crane

The ship to shore container crane is a special container crane for loading and unloading of container in the front of the container terminal. The main application of ship to shore container crane is to complete loading and unloading of container. In order to adapt to the heavy cargo handling individual containers on the ship, some container crane is equipped with heavy hook, there are few port container crane has two functions of container and grab ship unloader.

Ship to shore container crane consists of two pieces of gantry frame, door frame composed of pull rod, and bridge frame supported on the gantry frame. Trolley lifts containers along track on the bridge with special sling hoisting container, for ship loading and unloading. The door frame can walk along the shoreline and parallel tracks, in order to adjust the operating position and aligning box. In order to facilitate the ship toward or away from the pier, bridge pier outside part of the pitch can be extended, outside part of bridge can pitch. For high speed type container crane, is also equipped with a sling stabilizer.

Main features of the ship to shore container crane

Lifting mechanism

Bridge type grab ship unloader is usually full of work, but the load change of hoisting mechanism for ship to shore container crane is great. Due to the current carrying capacity of the container is generally only 50% ~ 60% of rated capacity, if the crane rated lifting weight is based on 30.5t to design, when lifting 20ft container, even at the maximum total weight it can only reached 67% of rated lifting capacity. In order to improve the loading and unloading efficiency, the lifting speed is required to change with the size of the load, for example, the rated load lifting speed is fixed, when lifting load is smaller than the rated load, it is required that the lifting speed should be inversely proportional to the increase, the no-load speed is general 2 times of the heavy load speed or even 2.5 times.

Trolley running and anti swing mechanism

The trolley of container crane runs a long distance, running speed is also higher. When the trolley starts and brakes, the goods will swing in the direction of the trolley running. The higher the running speed of the trolley is, the more serious the swing is, so as to affect the loading and unloading efficiency and operation safety. Therefore, it is necessary to install the anti rolling device.

lifting mechanism of container crane
lifting mechanism of container crane drawing
lifting mechanism of container cranes
light container lifting mechanism of ship to shore container crane

Running mechanism of running bridge

In the loading and unloading of container ship, due to the need to move the running bridge  to the box on the ship, does not cause the collision of adjacent containers or the superstructure of the ship, it is required that the trolley running mechanism has good speed regulation, micro motion and braking performance, thus we usually adopt a DC motor drive.

Driving and power supply mode

In order to satisfy the working requirements of the ship to shore container crane, and get a good performance of speed regulation, DC stepless speed regulation system is adopted in general, and each mechanism is driven by DC motor. There are three kinds of DC power supply:

The first is the way of AC motor - DC generator, which is used more. It works reliably, and the power supply voltage is not affected by the fluctuation of the power network voltage. The disadvantage is that the dead-weight if large, the price is high, and the noise is also great.

The second is controlled silicon rectifier. Its electric efficiency is high, the speed regulation performance is good, the unit weight is light, the area is small, and the maintenance is convenient, however, large capacity and small voltage fluctuation are required. In addition, the technical requirements of maintenance is high.

Third is the way of diesel engine – DC generator. It is not affected by external power, improved the mobility of container cranes, is particularly suitable for the terminal where the power supply is not convenient, and can save the investment of power supply facilities, but the noise of this kind of machine is very big, and the maintenance of the diesel engine is more complicated.

Metal structure of ship to shore container crane

The metal structure of ship to shore container crane has the sea side door frame and land side door frame, the metal structure consists of connecting beam between the door frame, sway rod, middle beam made of door frame, rear extension beam, sea side ladder frame, sway rod supporting ladder frame, front extension beam for pitching motion supported together by front tension bar and middle beam hinge point, and so on. Metal structure of ship to shore container crane also comprises a running trolley structure, a machine room structure and an escalator platform passage structure.

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