How to Ensure Double Girder EOT Crane Safety during Operation? – Regulation & Inspection

Double girder EOT crane is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, iron and steel industry, railway transportation, port and dock, and logistics. As double girder EOT crane is so widely used, so what should we pay attention to during the operation? We have previously introduced how to ensure the operation safety of single girder EOT crane. Today, let’s talk about the double girder EOT crane safety during operation.
double girder eot crane operation safety

Double girder EOT crane safety inspection before operation

Before operation the double girder EOT crane, check the following conditions, operate when everything is all right.

  • Crane driver should be certified by professional organizationsCrane driver should be certified by professional organizations, or the crane should be operated by the professional crane maintenance, prohibit non professional drivers operate the crane. The crane operators should be familiar with the structure and performance of the crane, and be familiar with the installation and maintenance instructions, as well as this double girder crane safety operation procedures.
  • Whether the sound of audible signal is normal.
  • Controller contact should be in good contact, ensure the normal speed.
  • Each brake must be flexible and reliable (especially the hoisting mechanism).
  • Couplings on the taper shaft are not allowed to loose.
  • Trolley buffer and stroke switch is complete and reliable.
  • The collector and cords must not have phenomenon of hanging, card, touch, take off.
  • The safety switch of double girder EOT crane must be complete, flexible and reliable (especial the switching mechanism and lifting device).
  • The tracks of double girder crane trolley are not allowed to have obstacles.
  • Motor carbon brush, slip ring must be smooth, good contact, normal speed.
  • The wire rope is firm and reliable.
  • Rotation of double girder EOT crane wheel is flexible without phenomenon of crack.
  • fastening and winding of the wire rope must be correctThe fastening and winding of the wire rope must be correct and the damage must not exceed the scrap standard.
  • In the case of no load, switch on the current and check the running mechanism, both control system and safety device should be sensitive, accurate, safe and reliable, then operate.
  • Operator should observe the operation site and crane operation condition at any time, especially observe the operation situation, hook wire rope state, sliding wire operation and the surrounding environment.
  • When the crane is running, the control switch is strictly prohibited to carry out, so as to prevent the overload of current . When the crane is in reverse operation, it should wait for the crane to stop and then carry on the reverse operation, so as not to damage the running mechanism.
  • When finish lifting heavy objects, if it is found that the brake failure, keep calm, quickly press the "rise" button, and then press the "down" button, so repeatedly, so that the weight slowly down to the ground and then overhaul. In case of power failure, the control switch should be zero, and cut off the air switch.
  • Crane should be cleaned regularly to avoid mechanical failure or short circuit of electrical equipment.

Double girder EOT crane safety operation regulation

  • Crane operator is prohibited from drinking before working Crane operator is prohibited from drinking before working.
  • Before driving, check whether the brake, hook, wire rope, and electrical safety devices are good; There is no touch, card, hanging phenomenon on the crane. Make sure everything is normal, after the warning bell, sending electric to test the crane.
  • In the process of operation, the operator must concentrate on the operation and cooperate closely with the ground staff. No smoking, eating and talking to other people during operation.
  • Don’t hang when it is more than the rated load.
  • Keep steady start, steady operation, steady fall during operation.
  • Timely bell when in close to the adjacent crane or close to the person.
  • Adhere to the "three does not cross" during the operation: not to cross over the head; not to cross over the car; not to cross over the device.
  • Not allowed to bring irrelevant personnel on the crane Not allowed to bring irrelevant personnel on the crane.
  • The air is running, the position of slings for lifting loads shall not be less than the height of a man.
  • Stop immediately when any person who sends a stop signal.
  • When the suspended load is close to the rated load, rise up to height of 100 mm to check brake capability.
  • Three mechanism are not allowed to operate at the same time during the lifting operation (the bridge, trolley, and hoist).
  • Don’t use the sudden reversal of the motor as the braking mechanism. It is only allowed to use this kind of braking method when there is an accident.
  • Strictly comply with the safety regulations issued by the relevant departments.
  • During crane repair or inspection, main power supply must be cut off, hang warning signs, and do a good job of monitoring.
  • forbid hang flammable and explosive articlesDon’t hang flammable and explosive articles.
  • Do not hang buried items.
  • No hanging when illegal command.
  • No hanging if the signal and weight is unknown, the light is dim.
  • No hanging if the slings and accessories aren’t bundled firmly, and don’t meet the safety requirements.
  • No hanging when incline and pulling.
  • Don’t lift the same load by two cranes at the same time.
  • Fill in the record carefully, especially the unsafe factors must be clear.

It is prohibit to use double girder EOT crane under the following circumstances

  • forbid there is someone on the craneThere is someone on the crane (except when designating a person to direct inspection and repair).
  • Wire rope reaches scrap standards.
  • Pulley and drum reach scrap standards.
  • Connecting parts of hook cracks, or other serious quality problems.
  • Braking torque of brake can’t brake the rated load.
  • Limit switch fails.
  • The main stress parts have crack, open welding.
  • Elastic deformation or permanent deformation of the main beam beyond repair limits.
  • Wheel crack, off chip, seriously chew rail or "three legs".
  • Electrical zero connection protection out of action or insulation is not up to the specified value.
  • Temperature rise of motor exceeds the specified value.
  • One phase of rotor resistance is open circuit.
  • Don’t check to pass after new installation, modification, and overhaul.
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