How to Ensure the Single Girder EOT Crane Safety During Operation?

eot crane safetyIn modern industrial machinery production process, the emergence of special lifting equipment greatly improves the production efficiency. At the same time, it also improves the safety of production and reduces the labor intensity. However, with the rapid development of the industry, the type of lifting equipment is also increasing, so that the scope of its application is constantly expanding. The single girder EOT crane, one of the modern lifting equipment, has been used in more and more applications,  so how to ensure the single girder EOT crane safety during operation? Let’s talk about it!

Method for ensuring single girder EOT crane safety when operation

  • When the single girder EOT crane is operated, it should be moved smoothly and slowly, avoiding the sudden movement of load; before lifting loads, the slack part of slings and hook should be tightened. Before lifting the hoist, in order to avoid the load swing at the start of lifting, the crane need to be at the top of the load, the crane should not be allowed to lift the loads outside the region because of swing; the crane should keep vertical with the sling, don’t pull the crane.
  • During the operation of single girder EOT crane, ensure that all of the nearby personnel away the lifting loads, also pay attention to the move speed and move mode of the lifting load. Overloading is forbidden during the lifting process, and ensure that the slings are ready before lifting the load. Lifting load can not be suspended stay in any event, unless there is a problem with the control power supply. When there is a failure of the power, The operator needs to ensure that the load near the ground as close as possible, in case of sudden drop. When lifting the load, the operator can not leave the control area at random, if the rope loosen, it Is forbidden to lift the load, replace the rope if all of them can’t meet the lifting requirement.
  • When the single girder EOT crane is suspended, unload all of the slings from the hook of crane, for the reason that during the movement of crane, for the reason that sling suspended above the hook will cause a potential danger. The operator cannot transport load over a person, special caution is required when using a magnet or vacuum chuck device, the load is likely to fall, because that if the magnet or power of the vacuum equipment failure, it is possible that the load will fall down.

ensure the operation safety of single girder eot crane

In order to ensure the operation safety of the single girder EOT crane, we need to know more about the above method. Only when the security is guaranteed, can we master the correct crane operation method, improve the efficiency of the crane itself. In a word, before the crane is put into use, the manufacturer must carry out the training of the professional system for the operator, and then it can be operated after the qualified.

If you want to know more regulations about how to ensure the double girder EOT crane safety, please click here!

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